Shannon and Josh-8/13/16

s and j-5599

This perfume bottle displayed her jewelry perfectly!

s and j-5997s and j-5628s and j-5603

s and j-5704

Her gift, every girl loves to see that blue box!

s and j-5665

That tear on her face aftet reading Josh’s note:)

s and j-5707

Oh how I loved her ring!

s and j-5572s and j-2790s and j-2783s and j-2743s and j-2779s and j-2803s and j-2860s and j-2847s and j-2798s and j-2800s and j-2815s and j-5646s and j-5552s and j-5587s and j-5550

s and j-5812

His card to Shannon!

s and j-5790s and j-5773s and j-5765s and j-5732s and j-5896s and j-5832s and j-5965

s and j-5872

Should be a Betsey Johnson ad right?

s and j-6071s and j-6117s and j-6161s and j-6120s and j-2915s and j-6251s and j-6292s and j-3116s and j-6327

s and j-6408

They had to climb this big hill to get here but it was worth it!

s and j-6462s and j-6472s and j-6389

s and j-6375

She loves her uncle Josh!

s and j-6542s and j-6509s and j-6579s and j-6593s and j-6550

s and j-6737

Those flowers though.

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s and j-7596

The shoe game!

s and j-7500

This ring is something else.

s and j-7614s and j-7673s and j-7813s and j-7849s and j-7714s and j-7448