Tony and Rachel-10/25/15


Franco-9962 Franco-9860 Franco-9927 Franco-9847 Franco-9897 Franco-9816I may have some MAJOR hair envy!  Franco-9888 Franco-9722 Franco-9696 Franco-9662 Franco-9676 Franco-9631 Franco-9621Her girls were so much fun!  Franco-0074 Franco-0098 Franco-0162Stunning!  Franco-0210 Franco-0236 Franco-0028 Franco-9134 Franco-9149You may recognize a few of these guys. There are 2 previous grooms in this pic. I loved that I knew them well enough to joke around (and well be a little bossy:)) Franco-9205 Franco-0352 Franco-0274 Franco-0307 Franco-0446 Franco-0439 Franco-0453I loved her mom’s reaction to seeing her daughter walk down the aisle.  Franco-0432 Franco-0498God showed off quite a bit!  Franco-0509 Franco-0548 Franco-0623 Everyone who came to the wedding in one image!Franco-0652 Franco-0810 Franco-0852 Franco-0794 Franco-0860 Franco-0762 Franco-0948 Franco-0932 Franco-0906 Franco-0902 Franco-0887 Franco-0865 Franco-0981 Franco-1219 Franco-1241 Franco-0977 Franco-1236 Franco-1041 Franco-1107 Franco-1078 Franco-1029 Franco-1001 Franco-0992 Franco-1185 Franco-1118 Franco-1093 Franco-1339 Franco-1208 Franco-1150 Franco-9594 Franco-9658 Franco-9635 Franco-9648 Franco-9601 Franco-1351 Franco-1347 Franco-1343 Franco-1617 Franco-1531 Franco-1505 Franco-1525 Franco-1854Such a fun group!  Franco-1868 Franco-1195