Meagan and Matt-8/15/15


I adored her dress! pontius-9161 pontius-9142 pontius-9171 Such a beauty!pontius-9467 pontius-9459 pontius-9242This light though, I love when I have a ton of natural light for these preparation images.  pontius-9314The moms getting ready together pontius-9185 pontius-9358 pontius-9373 This shot brought tears to my eyes, I think she loves her Aunt Meagan:)pontius-9409 pontius-9761 pontius-9770 pontius-9918Lots of tears pontius-9503 pontius-9570 pontius-9497Such a stunning bride! pontius-9659 pontius-9685 pontius-9706 pontius-9760 pontius-9752 pontius-9893 pontius-9791 pontius-9830This dress was made for twirling daaaarling.  pontius-9834 pontius-0071 pontius-0067 pontius-0086 pontius-0131 pontius-0046One of my favorite wedding party shots to date…check out miss sass in front:) pontius-9961 pontius-9982 pontius-9911 pontius-9917 pontius-9990 pontius-9998 pontius-9870 pontius-9763 pontius-0036 Gah love this too. pontius-0186 pontius-0179Dad’s expression on his face.  pontius-0206 pontius-0266 pontius-0296 pontius-0314 My second shooter rocked the ring shots huh?pontius-0312 pontius-0316 pontius-0347 pontius-0505 pontius-0518 I adore this shotpontius-0293 pontius-0477 pontius-0640 pontius-0657 pontius-0691 pontius-0570 pontius-0780 Sweetness. pontius-0784 pontius-0908 pontius-9623 pontius-0495 pontius-0922 pontius-0935 pontius-1022 pontius-1080 pontius-1114 pontius-1131 pontius-1005 pontius-0974 pontius-0953 pontius-1244 pontius-1290Wedding and Reception Venue: Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens

Second Shooter: Elaine Cobbs (ME Photography)