Katie and Tony-6/13/15


1 (1) 1 (2) 1 (3) 1 (4) 1 (5) I adored her dress! Ekovich-0477 Ekovich-0482 Ekovich-0488 Ekovich-0504 Ekovich-0512 Ekovich-0528 Ekovich-0566I love this personal touch on Katie’s slip, it was her grandmothers:) Ekovich-0573 Ekovich-0593 Ekovich-0622 Ekovich-0653 Ekovich-0662 Ekovich-0703 Ekovich-0717 Ekovich-0731 Ekovich-0763 Ekovich-0766-2 I love this image by my second shooter, Dad’s and daughters get me every time!Ekovich-0841 Ekovich-0842 Ekovich-0844 Ekovich-0909 Ekovich-0926 Ekovich-0928 Ekovich-0938 Ekovich-0982 Ekovich-1034 Ekovich-1035Think Katie is happy? Ekovich-1036 Ekovich-1096 Ekovich-1292The wind worked in our favor! Ekovich-1302 Ekovich-1322 Ekovich-1386 Ekovich-1394 Ekovich-1401 Ekovich-1404 Ekovich-1410 Ekovich-1430 Ekovich-1438 Ekovich-1449 Ekovich-2267 Ekovich-2244 Ekovich-1471 Ekovich-1481 Ekovich-1499 Ekovich-1542 Ekovich-1558 Ekovich-1580 Ekovich-1591 Ekovich-1602 Ekovich-1610 Ekovich-2345 Ekovich-1615 Ekovich-1742 Ekovich-1759 Ekovich-1783 Ekovich-1786 Ekovich-1822 Ekovich-1863 Ekovich-1836 Ekovich-1958 Ekovich-2385 Ekovich-2428 Ekovich-2386 Ekovich-2387 Ekovich-2429 Ekovich-2448 Ekovich-2450 Ekovich-3028 Ekovich-2463 Ekovich-2494 Ekovich-2513 Ekovich-2498 Ekovich-2531 Ekovich-2540 Ekovich-2565 Ekovich-2611 Ekovich-2637 Ekovich-2660 Ekovich-2665 Ekovich-2695 This is so subtly sexy…I adore it.  Ekovich-2729 Ekovich-2926 Ekovich-2958 Ekovich-2959

Second Shooter: ME Photography (Elaine Cobbs)


Church: Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Reception: Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish Hall, New Carlisle, IN


Bride’s Dress: Memories Bridal and Evening Wear

Bridesmaids: Ivy and Blue (6pm.com)

Hair: Salon Rouge (Mishawaka, IN)

Makeup: Lips and Lashes, by Crazy Aimee (Granger, IN)

Groom’s Attire: LR Clothing Co.

Flowers: Thode Floral (La Porte, IN)

Music: 27 Entertainment

Rings: JR Fox Jewelers

Cake: Sharaon Sawaya (LaPorte, IN)