Meagan and Matt-E Session


It was so great hanging out with Meagan and Matt. I love how laid back Matt is he compliments Meagan’s more chatty nature. She said more than once how good he is to her, and it is easy to see. They have a love for music and concerts so I knew we wanted to go more urban with their session. I feel like we nailed it:). I can’t wait for their August wedding! maanm-2279 maanm-2292Another dazzling ring!  maanm-2443 megandmatt-2318-2 megandmatt-2358 megandmatt-2406 One of my favorite shots up above! Love when my wacky ideas work out:)megandmatt-2416 megandmatt-2431 megandmatt-2490 megandmatt2550 megandmatt-2553 megandmatt-2587 megandmatt-2672 megandmatt-2673 megandmatt-2703 Loooooove this ivy wall! It was so perfect:)megandmatt-2704 megandmatt-2758 megandmatt-2769 megandmatt-2785 megandmatt-2837 megandmatt-2853Another favorite up top. I love the city lights in the background.  megandmatt-2876 megandmatt-2903 z